Chinese medicine is a holistic-centered approach to health and healing that has been used for over 3,500 years. The focus is individualized care. Classified by the U.S. National Institute of Health (NIH) as a complete medical system, it is comprised of three branches: acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine and Eastern nutrition. Acupuncture is the most popular modality in the United States, but historically, strong emphasis was put on all three branches which were used in unison to restore and maintain health and wellness.

The foundation of Chinese medicine is the belief that each person consists of a dynamic energy referred to as Qi (pronounced ‘CHEE’).  The Qi lives within each of us in energy pathways known as acupuncture channels or meridians. The goal is to have the Qi flowing in a constant stream throughout our body’s pathways. When the pathways are disrupted, the Qi cannot flow properly and it gets stuck or blocked. The blockages cause pain resulting in illness and the formation of disease. The essence of Chinese medicine is to restore the body to its naturally balanced state, maintain health and improve quality of life.