We prescribe foods like we prescribe Chinese herbs, related to your Chinese medical diagnosis and aligned with your overall treatment plan. For example, a female in her mid-20s with no period, headaches, and anemia should be eating warming foods like soups and stews, not cold foods like salads and raw veggies. Or a male in his mid 40s who feels hot often, sweats all the time, and has trouble sleeping might be eating too many warming foods and might need to swap for more neutral foods, or neutral food combinations. A patient who is sick with a cold should eat more acrid or potentially spicy food to break up the phlegm and congestion. These are just a few examples of how we prescribe food as medicine. 

Eastern nutrition works wonderfully when paired with acupuncture treatment and Chinese herbal formulas as they work in unison to harmonize the body, support healing and restore wellness. However similar to all of the Chinese medicine modalities it also works well as a stand alone treatment.