The biggest difference between Eastern and Western views of nutrition is we do not talk in terms of calories, carbs, fats, or proteins. We instead talk in terms of properties of food, the temperatures, the flavors, combinations, the time of year, the patient’s condition, age, lifestyle, and environment. We do not demonize any specific food or group of foods. There are no fad diets here. The diets we prescribe are based on an over 3,500-year-old medical paradigm. We promote whole foods and believe that all foods, flavors, colors, and temperatures have a time and place in our diets. The key is to know when that the time and place is. A growing child cannot eat exactly like a middle aged adult, a post-partum mother, or a post operative recovery patient. There are no one size fits all diet, like there are no one size fits all treatments of any kind in Chinese medicine.